Takuzo Hatta   Representative Director and CEO, and Head of Overseas Audit Division

Takuzo Hatta: Representative Director and CEO, and Head of Overseas Audit Division.

Passed the Certified Public Accountant exam while at Keio university, and worked in a major audit firm’s international finance department. he engaged in financial statement audits of domestic and foreign financial institutions (according to Japanese and US GAAP) and internal control audits (Japanese and US SOX). After that, he worked at a Bangladeshi NPO before being stationed in New Delhi as the Head of the Japanese Department (section?) of a large Indian accounting firm.

There, he engaged in advisory services for market entry into India and other Asian regions, international taxation, financial fraud investigations, joint venture negotiation representation, M&A, and financial DD (due diligence). However, he was shocked by the dysfunction of public and private governance (audit, judiciary (courts), administration) in developing and emerging countries. He was convinced that this was a development issue that he wanted to spend his whole life on, and he devoted himself to research on anti-fraud and anti-corruption measures at the University of Portsmouth, UK, famous for its criminology research. After that, he worked at SCS Global Group Tokyo office, specializing in overseas management and overseas finance investigation, overseas fraud investigation, and overseas internal audit, as part of practical research.

He traveled abroad for more than half of the year, completed more than 150 projects in 15 countries, and returned home. In April 2017, he founded Accfam LTD. He was recognized for his unique career focused on overseas fraud investigations and audits, and he has held positions such as Forensic Services Specialist Committee Member and Ethics Committee member, Norms/Independence Working Group member at the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He also served as an overseas audit trainer for accountants including financial managers, overseas accounting personnel, and overseas audit department personnel to be stationed abroad. He works as active Managing Partner at SCS global LLC(https://www.scsglobalaudit.com/)

  • Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics, Keio University
  • University of Portsmouth, U.K., MSC Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption Studies
  • CPA: Certified Public Accountants, Japan
  • CIA: Certified Internal Auditor, U.S.A.
  • CFE: Certified Fraud Examiner, U.S.A.
  • Managing partner at SCS GLOBAL LLC(https://www.scsglobalaudit.com/)

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