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Accfam’s mission is to eliminate the illegal leakage of public and private project capital, and to protect people's rights, dignity, and lives. Unfortunately, in developing and emerging countries, corruption and fraud are all too common due to vulnerabilities in public-private governances. Through accounting and auditing in developing countries and emerging countries, primarily in Asia, I have witnessed many cases of fraud and corruption firsthand.

In criminology, fraud and corruption are often referred to as "victimless crimes" in contrast to violent crimes that occur on the street. However, based on the reality I have seen, I cannot agree with this statement. Those who engage in corrupt activities embezzle business funds or government funds for personal gain, causing businesses to fail, companies to go bankrupt, and employees to lose jobs and livelihoods. Additionally, funds intended for social welfare programs, aid, and donations often end up in the hands of corrupt individuals, leaving those who are meant to receive help in dire situations. I have witnessed many victims of such crimes.

The severity of the situation gave me enough shock as a fellow human being, regardless of nationality or race, to commit to the challenge of solving this issue for a lifetime. Eliminating corruption and bribery is an ideal that humanity has not yet achieved.
With all the progress that humanity has made, it should be able to eliminate corruption by now.

Accfam began by creating a team of professional experts specialized in auditing and investigation, with a focus on developing countries and emerging market businesses. Our goal is to prevent and deter fraud, and recover assets. We will continue to accumulate knowledge, strengthen our methodology, and work to develop experts in the field.
Additionally, we will propose policies such as the establishment of institutions to implement various measures to eliminate fraud and corruption, similar to the UK's National Fraud Authority, to governments and international organizations, or Integrity Vice Presidency (INT) within world bank group.

I cannot predict what I can accomplish in my lifetime, but I promise to continue to move forward and take on challenges, no matter how small step it is, for as long as I live, in order to live up to the legacy of those nameless predecessors who have devoted their lives for a better future.

Takuzo Hatta

Corporate Profile

  • Company Name: Accfam LTD.
  • Founding: Incorporated in April 2017
  • Group co.:Accfam Bangladesh private limited
  • Membership: HQ) Japan-Bangladesh Association corporate member
  •        Accfam BD) Japanese Commerce & Industry Association in Dhaka.
  • Representative: Takuzo Hatta