Join us

Join us

We are looking forward to receiving applications from those who are interested in pursuing accounting audits that meet the needs of society, those who want to take on the challenge of a new field of overseas auditing, and those who can support our activities as corporate staff member, and various professionals who share our business philosophy and are willing to work together.

The positions currently available for recruiting are as follows:

New Business Launch Manager

While our current business at Accfam focuses on overseas accounting audits, we are seeking individuals who share our business philosophy and have the determination to launch a new business as a person responsible within our organization, not limited to the field of accounting audits. We invite shareholders and officers of our company to participate and provide full support, including fundraising, for launching a new business from scratch.

Overseas Audit Manager

We are looking for someone with extensive overseas auditing experience who can work as a lead auditor with local experts (using English as the language of communication) and already attained a level that enable them to further develop their expertise and specialty, utilizing our company’s resources. We expect candidates to have experience in overseas internal audits at audit firms or businesses. After fully understanding our company’s philosophy and services, you will accompany the local auditor a few times to learn our audit model and audit methodology. After that, you will perform your duties independently with a high degree of autonomy and remuneration. We are also looking for someone who will be involved in our company’s management in the future and help us build our business together.

Overseas Audit Senior Staff

We are targeting individuals who have little or no experience in overseas audit, but have experience in accounting or internal audits and are interested in acquiring English or other language skills and developing their interest in the field of overseas audits. You will learn our audit model and methodology, and gain knowledge in overseas management and administration, by accompanying the audit manager for the local audits and providing assistance for local audit work and report creation. We aim for you to become an expert who can respond to various consultations related to overseas management and administration from our clients.