Our Business

Our Business

Cross Border Business Management Consulting

・Fraud Risk Management Consulting
We offer support for the introduction and execution of fraud risk management, which has become mainstream in Europe and the United States, as a risk management strategy tool for the entire group's fraud risk. We can provide a full range of support for the group's fraud risk management strategy from planning to monitoring, including formulation of various regulations, fraud risk assessments, investigations, monitoring, etc.

・Internal Audit Consulting
We offer internal audit support tailored to the needs of our clients, from planning to execution, reporting, and follow-up, through a consultancy contract with their internal audit department. In particular, we can provide support for overseas audits by fully utilizing our extensive experience in overseas internal audits and local knowledge, as well as our expertise gained from managing and conducting internal audits for overseas businesses ranging from companies with trillions of yen in consolidated sales to those with hundreds of millions of yen in sales, tailored to the growth phase of each client company.

・Cross Border Financial Monitoring

Using our expertise in reviewing overseas accounting information, we offer overseas financial and accounting monitoring services aimed at identifying anomalies and providing deterrence on-site. We conduct analyses of overseas financial statements and monthly accounting information. Through this daily monitoring process, we deepen our understanding of your business. And in collaboration with your company, we will conduct financial monitoring of overseas operations while also performing on-site investigations.

・Other Business Management Consulting
We also offer consulting services related to overseas management in response to customer's request.

Cross border Audit and Investigation

・Overseas Internal Accounting Audit Services [On-site investigation:1-5 days]

We provide internal audit services for your overseas subsidiaries. Since there are various internal audit support needs depending on the company's situation, we offer a variety of internal audit support menus in response to the company's growth phase. Overseas internal audits tend to learn towards compliance or become formalized using the checklists, but at Accfam, we pursue audits based on local knowledge, emphasizing consulting functions with a business growth orientation. For more details, please refer to our METHODOLOGY.

・Overseas Fraud Risk Audit Services [On-site investigation:2-5 days]

We provide fraud risk audit services for your overseas subsidiaries. This service aims to prevent and detect financial fraud at your overseas subsidiaries through a thorough understanding of their business and our unique fraud risk analysis based on criminology and local expertise. We select key audit items in a short term and conduct focused audits, then report our findings.

・Overseas Fraud Investigation Services [On-site investigation:5-14 days]

We provide fraud investigation services for your overseas subsidiaries. Cross-border fraud investigations require not only language skills but also expertise in local commercial practices, accounting, taxation, and legal system practices. In addition, in emerging countries, there is a risk of personal danger, so careful handling is necessary. Our company can conduct fraud investigations using our expertise based on extensive experiences as well as local resources.

・Other Special Audit and Investigation Services

We offer special audit and investigation services for your overseas subsidiaries. For companies that are concerned about local financial and accounting practices, such as not understanding the actual situation of overseas operations, entrusting management to joint venture partners but wanting to put checks in place, feeling that the business situation, financial statements, and cash flow does not match up, and not being able to identify the causes of losses, we can conduct effective special audits and investigations based on our extensive experience on behalf of your company.

Training and Seminar

・Seminar for Local Corporate Executivesー
We will provide practical explanations, even to those without accounting knowledge, on what can happen overseas, especially in emerging countries, through case studies. We will also explain the responsibilities of business owners and the management points that should be considered at a minimum, while highlighting the characteristics of each country.

・Overseas Audit Training
We provide explanations on the methodology of overseas audits, including soft skills such as communication strategies with local subsidiaries as well as case studies and technical aspects of accounting audits. Our company has a business objective to disseminate our technical expertise, and we are willing to share our specific knowledge without reservation

・Internal Audit Training
We will hold individual consultation sessions multiple times to assist in improving the audit skills of the internal audit team, covering the purpose of internal audits, the flow of implementation, points to consider in overseas audits, as well as pre-financial analysis and post-feedback in line with the client's internal audit plan.